About Our Company

Trinity was founded on August 27th, 2015 to fill the ever growing need for personal care and customer service in the legal solutions market. Having a combined tenure of over 33 years of industry experience, Bryan and Rachel Kreitz set out to change the way Electronic Discovery and Paper Discovery projects were handled by the large conglomerate vendors. In April of 2019, Rachel became certified by the WBENC as a woman-owned business, and then in the summer of the same year, started assisting companies with their commercial printing needs to compliment the legal solutions.

Rachel’s leadership has played a vital role in updating equipment, increased server size for processing speed, creating partnerships to allow hosting options to our clients, and adding new machines to increase efficiency and speed of our commercial/litigation print needs. At present day, Trinity is still expanding and scaling its business to meet the demands of an ever-growing list of clients, while continuing to maintain its strong core values, customer support, and quality of service.

RK headshot

Rachel Kreitz


Rachel has worked in the litigation support industry for over 16 years giving her unique perspective into employee and client needs alike. Behind the scenes she is the advocate for Trinity by making sure our staff is working efficiently and producing unparalleled quality work products. She enjoys building lasting relationships with her employees, clients, and other small businesses in and around Houston


Bryan Kreitz

President Business Development

Bryan prides himself on working hand in hand with clients to make sure any project Trinity works on is handled in the most efficient manner possible. Bryan has 17 years of experience in the eDiscovery and Document Management industry and strives to give the same care to each client no matter the size of the project. As the President of Business Development, Bryan helps develop new relationships with law firms, corporations, consulting firms, and other industries, while still overseeing his core client base.


Carla DeAlejandro

Executive Assistant

Carla joined Trinity to help ease the burden carried by the CEO by taking over the day-to-day task, which allows Rachel to focus on the growth of Trinity. She possesses excellent communication and professional skills, recognized by employees and clients for her ability to anticipate needs before they arise. She conducts administrative and clerical procedures and assists the company leaders at Trinity in maintaining high standards and driving clients' requirements toward the finish line.


Daniel Cervantes

Account Manager

As an Account Manager, Daniel has been providing Trinity’s clients with the customer services and quality work product for we have become known. Daniel has 7 years of industry experience, and a proven record of building great relationships, managing projects from concept to completion, demonstrating exceptional communication skills, and making critical decisions during challenges. He is highly adaptable with an ability to work alongside great clients in creating top quality work products.


Jason Salaman

Project Manager

Jason joined Trinity bringing 10+ years of experience in eDiscovery and litigation support field. He has served in multiple roles providing support to law firms and corporate clients, and his experience has allowed him the opportunity to be successful part of many complex cases and strategic ideas. Jason is committed to the success of our clients and can be found many times working late into the evening to ensure our clients and their projects meet the required deadlines.


Elizabeth Hernandez

With 17 years of experience in the litigation support field, there is not much Liz has not come across. Her commitment to figuring out the most complex questions thrown at us shows our clients how much she cares about them and their projects. Liz will stay involved in a project from beginning until the end to ensure the client is receiving exactly what they requested from us. She is an integral part to keeping our production staff running at 100 percent.


Sandra Velazquez

Sandra has been in the litigation support world for over 10 years and helps ensure our late-night projects run smoothly and we are set up for success the next morning. Our clients know that when Sandra is running point on a project, they do not have to worry about any thing falling through the cracks. She is known to catch mistakes that come across and alert clients to the issues helping to make sure the final work product is spotless. She believes in her work product and will work with whoever she needs to, to make sure she is turning over a product of excellent quality.

Trinity's Core Values

Trinity is built on a set of core values that emulate its founders, staff, and clients.


Respect is a way of treating and thinking about others or something. Each person is to be shown respect no matter the position they hold whether this is inside the company or with clients. Respect isn't not limited to people, we must respect our processes, safety and working environment.


Teamwork is crucial to a business’s success. Teamwork means people cooperating together using their individual skills and constructive feedback in pursuit of a common goal. Success can be made by the strength of a team or destroyed without it. Trust is imperative in teamwork.


Quality the degree of excellence. We believe in the highest quality in everything we do, from the interactions we have with each other, clients, and the products we produce. The way you do anything is the way you do everything.


Empowerment the process of becoming stronger and more confident. We believe in empowering each person we are working with it, whether that is a client we are helping to overcome an obstacle or an employee with a goal to achieve. We want every person working with us to leave each experience with something gained.


Commitment is the act of dedicating yourself to something. Commitment is a strong sense of intention and focus. When we make a commitment it is not just words to be spoken they are words to be counted upon.


Ownership is a state of mind that translates into everything we do. We must own our role & know that if it is to be, it’s up to me. Own your destiny. Own your work ethic. Own your drive. Own your inner spirit that allows you to conquer any task, any challenge, any time. Ownership means doing the job that you want, not the one you have. We must own the expectations, responsibilities & deadlines that come with the positions that we have chosen to accept. We must own our attitudes and choose to stay positive in all situations. When we own our minds. We control our future.


Integrity is consistency of actions, values, methods, principles, expectations and outcomes. Attributes of integrity are truthfulness, responsibility, loyalty, and accountability. The key to integrity is the accuracy of ones actions. One with integrity is not swayed by atmosphere they are a consistent in the chaos.